St. Ann Catholic Church – Virtual Bulletin – 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – August 30, 2020

St. Ann Catholic Church – Virtual Bulletin

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – August 30, 2020

How Long Have You Been at St. Ann?

The staff is working on a special project and we are interested in knowing how long parishioners have been a part of the St. Ann community. Please call or email the parish office to let us know when you & your family joined the parish – and if you’d like to tell us, why! Call or email at 535-3031 or

Social Justice Ministry

Thank you to so much to all those who joined us for the first social justice ministry meeting. It was exciting to see so many faces and get to know you. If you were unable to join us for the first meeting, but are interested in the social justice ministry, please contact the parish office. We are sending out a questionnaire in this week to those who signed up for the social justice ministry – you are also invited to fill it out if you are interested in participating in the social justice ministry or if you just would like to support the ministry at St. Ann. We will use the responses to start our discussion at the next meeting on September 26.

Here is a link to the questionnaire:

Sign up link for August & September Masses at St. Ann

As our attendance numbers are increasing, especially on Sunday, it is more important to sign up online ahead of time. Please use the links below to sign up to attend Mass at St. Ann for August & September. Please be sure to check the date of the Mass you are signing up for so you sign up for the one you want to attend! We also ask that you sign up at least an hour before the Mass. Thank you!



This link is also available on the home page of the parish website!

Reminder: We require everyone – including children over 2 – to wear a mask during Mass, and maintain social distancing. (One household per pew!) We ask that parishioners enter by the front doors only so that staff can keep an accurate count. Hand sanitizer is also provided by each door for use upon entry and before communion. If you need assistance signing up, please call the parish office (535-3031) or email Thank you!

Prayer Service on Zoom – Sunday at 11:00 AM

We will continue to offer the Prayer service on Zoom for those members of our community who are unable to attend Mass, so that we can continue to gather together in prayer. Throughout Ordinary Time, we will be using the Lectio Divina format for our prayer service, which allows for meditation, listening and sharing. The link is emailed out through the parish email list on Saturday. All are welcome – please join us!

Readers List for Prayer Services on Zoom

August 30 – Jean L.

September 6 – Val C.

Readers needed for September! Contact Jolie or Elizabeth if you are interested in being a reader.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for these community members in need of our support or healing:

Nancy J. Crystal M. Dianne F. Erin L. Margaret B.

Pat S. Janet S. Sunny B. Susan L.

Please remember our recently departed and pray for their grieving families and friends:

Paul B. Miguel R. Claudia K. Nancy R.

Report from the St. Ann Finance Committee

Dear Parish,

Report on 2019-2020 fiscal year completed June 30:

We brought in $6105 less than we spent during the 2019/2020 fiscal year. We budgeted an $11,500 deficit, so we did better than we expected. However, this is still not ideal. 

When revenues do not meet expenses, we transfer money from fundraising events, such as the annual Wine Tasting, which we prefer to use for large projects, such as building maintenance projects or the Roof Fund.

Highlights of revenue: $4208 positive to budget

  • Weekly collections at $119,500 exceeded budget by $7000. Since the onset of the pandemic, giving has increased, not decreased.
  • Shared space income (Rompa Center and the parish house) was $1904 less than budgeted
  • “Other Donations” were $1000 less than budgeted

Highlights of expenses: $1596 positive to budget

  • Payroll and other compensation was $1850 more than budgeted
  • Community activities were $3000 less than expected (retreat did not take place) 
  • Office costs were $2000 less than expected
  • Diocesan assessment was $3400 more than expected (when we do not meet previous Annual Appeal goals, we must pay the difference)

Other highlights:

  • Roof fund: $20,475
  • Funds available from wine tasting and other events: $20,000
  • Sev Westbrook estate fund: $14,000
  • 2019 Annual Appeal goal was met in full

We have begun preparing a budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal year for approval by the Parish Council.

We thank you for your ongoing generosity and pray that you are doing well in these trying times.

– St. Ann Finance Committee

The Fig Tree and Salt & Light

Links to the Summer issues of The Fig Tree and the Catholic Charities Parish Social Ministry Bulletin, Salt & Light, can be found on our website.

Franciscan Corner

Did you know that it was during Francis’ lifetime that money became widely used in Italy? The friars saw this and developed an economy based on relationships. They believed instead of maximizing money, their “economy” would be about maximizing relationships, strengthening community ties, building mutual trust, expressing generosity and focusing on the common good. They were counter- cultural and as a result moved individuals to a deeper sense of connectedness, relationship and gratitude. As the world reopens, maybe we need to put a dose of this kind of “economy” into our daily lives.

(Thank you to Sr. Joanne for sharing these Franciscan reflections with us.)

Online Giving Now Available With

You can donate using the direct link here:

The direct link can also be easily found on our website on the Contact and Giving page.

June Collections Totals:
June General Collection: $10,857.00
June Neighborhood Collection: $1,505.00
June Building/Roof Fund Donations: $2,817.00

Thank You For Your Support!
Thank you for your generous support! If you would like to send in a donation, our mailing address is: 2116 E 1st Ave Spokane WA 99202
Or you can donate online with (see link above)

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