Travel Update #7 – Jolie Returns Home From India!

Here is another message from St Ann Parishioner, Jolie, and her retreat partner Nicki, as they return from India and reflect on their journey:

Departure and Return from India

“We have concluded our final retreat here in India and enjoyed being dressed in blue sarris by the sisters.  They raved about how easily we moved in these flowing cotton dresses, giving us a clapping ovation when we greeted them that morning. Indeed, they were far easier to wear than we expected. We felt very feminine and beautiful in them. The sisters were so tickled to have us in local garb. We definitely needed our “dressers” of Srs. Prima and Hilda to get us into them….

…The last retreat with 11 laity, 7 novices and 3 sisters went well, also. With a variety of facility with English the participants challenged us further to slow down and simplify. Nevertheless, we had a marvelous final 2 days together, blowing bubbles and laughing. We photographed the group to record the end. After this we visited the Contemplative Sisters Community, the Novitiate, the Main Convent, and the Girls Hostel. The visiting started to wear us thin near the end, but it was so appreciated by the elderly nuns especially.

Some interesting surprises on this trip?
1) No cockroaches….. only one juvenile one near Jolie’s bed. It’s a testament to how clean the sisters keep their properties.
2) Crazy traffic where you take life and limb in hand, but we never once saw an accident.
3) Amazing adaptation on our part to hot chillies. We did very well adjusting to it and we learned quickly that banana helps cool the heat of the spice
4) Paparazzi in India… WE were the focus of so many in public places who wanted to take selfies with us, not knowing our names or anything about us.
5) The amazing coexistence between religious groups, pressed up next to each other in small space. The call to prayer overlaying church bells at certain times of the day brought everyone into awareness of the divine.

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We hope to send another notice out when we get over jet lag. In the meantime enjoy some of these pics from our adventure.”

Many blessings,
Nicki and Jolie


The Immigration Crisis – A Statement from Washington State’s Bishops

The Immigration Crisis – A Statement from Washington State’s Bishops

June 28, 2019

For many years there has been a growing national consensus that the U.S. immigration system is severely flawed and in need of a comprehensive overhaul. However, the continued stalemate on enacting comprehensive immigration reform has created a void filled by stopgap initiatives and a patchwork of state laws. Current massdeportation efforts, as well as plans to reinforce our physical borders, are neither effective nor sustainable means of addressing this international humanitarian crisis. This disappointing reality continues to complicate efforts of law enforcement, sow discord in our communities, and harm vulnerable people.
The United States has both a right and a duty to protect our borders and our citizens. At the same time, our country has a responsibility to come to the aid of people who are fleeing danger and come here to build a better life for their families.
Worsening conditions that fuel the Latin American refugee crisis, combined with domestic policies that disrespect the dignity of human beings, risk causing even greater suffering for those fleeing peril and threaten the domestic tranquility promised to Americans.
As Catholics, we believe that each person, regardless of legal status, is a sister or brother in Jesus Christ. We are called to practice Christian charity and to protect and defend the dignity of every human person, especially the poor and most vulnerable based on the moral natural law. We must continue to strive for comprehensive immigration reform that honors the dignity of those seeking a better life in the United States, while also addressing the legitimate need for safe and secure borders.
For many decades, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has been at the forefront of working for comprehensive immigration reform. United with all U.S. Bishops, the Bishops of Washington State continue to safeguard and maintain the wellbeing of those entrusted to our care. We encourage you to join in ongoing efforts to create a just and safe immigration system. Please visit to learn what you can do to help or to donate to existing Catholic charitable efforts that support immigrant families at the border.

Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain                           Most Rev. Paul D. Etienne
Archbishop of Seattle                                  Coadjutor Archbishop of Seattle

Most Rev. Joseph J. Tyson                           Most Rev. Thomas A. Daly
Bishop of Yakima                                         Bishop of Spokane

Most Rev. Eusebio Elizondo, M.Sp.S.
Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle

Most Rev. Daniel H. Mueggenborg
Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle


Faith Night at Spokane Indians – July 17th

Faith Night at Spokane Indians will be on July 17th. Admission is $5 per person. Hot dogs, soda, ice cream bars, boxes of popcorn and assorted candy are $1.50 each.

To reserve a spot with the group, please contact Susan or call the parish office ASAP, and pay your admission ticket price by Sunday July 14th. The game is the following Wednesday. We will meet at the ballpark and get tickets at Will Call. Game starts at 6:30 PM.

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Travel Update #6 – Jolie in India

Here is a message from India from St Ann parishioner Jolie, and her retreat partner Nicki:

“Bangalore, India The Colors and Characters of India

It’s late here right now and we heard today about the earthquakes in Los Angeles. Thinking of all those affected by it.

We are in the middle of our final retreat and are feeling the fatigue of pastoral visits, remembering names, and eating too much. Finished retreat #3 with the Bangalore sisters, who gathered around the statue of their foundress in the garden.

As we look over our photos, we are struck by the vivid colors and the unconventional faces and characters that we’ve encountered. This Update features some of them in all their uniqueness. Some pictures need no explanation. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to create your own story.

Some of the “characters” are two-legged and some four-legged. These are just a few of the hundreds of snaps we have taken….”
Nicki and Jolie

Travel Update #5 – Jolie in India!

Here is another message from India from St Ann Parishioner Jolie and her retreat partner Nicki.

“Dear Loved Ones,

Our most delightful and touching experiences here have been with the local women and children. Our 2nd retreat was with Lay women who work side by side with the Good Shepherd Sisters. They were both colorful and lively in their gorgeous sarees. The spectrum of color in India is the broadest we have ever seen.

Our pastoral visits have taken us to an Open Shelter for street girls of many ages on the same compound as the Good Shepherd school for girls. We spent an afternoon with them and then did something with them they had never done before…. went to the beach! They had a ball. We had a ball. Night on the beach was a treat near the end of a very hot day. The sisters rented 2 buses to get us all there.

We also spent a day in the forest lands where we visited a small local school for the tribal children that the provincial, Sr. Meera, started because she found these children begging on the side of the road. It has since transferred to the government. Previously, there were no services at all for these people. These little ones entertained us with song and dance both in English and Tamil. They had a very dedicated young teacher who loves teaching poor children in a one-room school house.

The convent in Sandanaplya holds an after school program (the Chalice Sponsorship Program) for the local children. They shared with us their favorite subjects in school. Surprisingly, many said English was their favorite. They asked us a few questions and then it was time to get to their program.

On the way up the mountain we passed an auto rickshaw, carrying four bedecked women. Their colors were so brilliant and captivating. They did not know what to make of us taking their photo through the windshield until they saw us waving and smiling and then they burst into laughter and waved back.

We hope you enjoy these photos of women and children from various locations. More experiences to come!

Peace Peace Peace”
Nicki and Jolie

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