Prayer Request for St. Ann Parish Staff, Erin & Craig

Please continue to pray for our Parish secretary, Erin, and her family. She began chemotherapy this week and says it was much tougher than she’d thought. She so appreciates all the prayers, love and support of the St. Ann community.

Pray also for our Pastoral administrator, Craig as he makes decisions about his cancer treatment. It looks like he will begin radiation treatment in the coming weeks.

May God grant Erin and Craig strength and healing, and may they feel the love of the St. Ann community in the months to come.

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St. Ann Summer Picnic – August 7th

Come celebrate community at the St Ann Parish Summer Picnic! Join us on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM. All are welcome!

We’ll provide BBQ hamburgers &,hot dogs, and veggie burgers. There will be a waterslide for the kids, and a cake walk for all ages! If you are able, bring a salad or side dish to share – or provide a plate of cookies or cupcakes for a cake walk prize. Most importantly, bring yourselves; feel free to invite a friend. Let’s come together to spend time as community!

Volunteers to help with this fun parish event are also welcome! If you’d like to help sign up after Mass, or show up at 3:00 to help set up!

There is also a fun Summer Activity for pre-4th grade youth put on by our SAYM teens from 3:00-5:00 PM.


“An Evening of Wine & Roses” – September 28th. Save the Date!

Save the Date! The Annual St Ann Wine Tasting Event will be held on Saturday, September 28th at St. John’s Cathedral, from 7:00-10:00 PM. The Theme is “An Evening of Wine & Roses.” Tickets are $35.
Leading up to the event, there will be Wine Tasting every Saturday after the 4:00 PM Mass through the month of August.

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Travel Update #7 – Jolie Returns Home From India!

Here is another message from St Ann Parishioner, Jolie, and her retreat partner Nicki, as they return from India and reflect on their journey:

Departure and Return from India

“We have concluded our final retreat here in India and enjoyed being dressed in blue sarris by the sisters.  They raved about how easily we moved in these flowing cotton dresses, giving us a clapping ovation when we greeted them that morning. Indeed, they were far easier to wear than we expected. We felt very feminine and beautiful in them. The sisters were so tickled to have us in local garb. We definitely needed our “dressers” of Srs. Prima and Hilda to get us into them….

…The last retreat with 11 laity, 7 novices and 3 sisters went well, also. With a variety of facility with English the participants challenged us further to slow down and simplify. Nevertheless, we had a marvelous final 2 days together, blowing bubbles and laughing. We photographed the group to record the end. After this we visited the Contemplative Sisters Community, the Novitiate, the Main Convent, and the Girls Hostel. The visiting started to wear us thin near the end, but it was so appreciated by the elderly nuns especially.

Some interesting surprises on this trip?
1) No cockroaches….. only one juvenile one near Jolie’s bed. It’s a testament to how clean the sisters keep their properties.
2) Crazy traffic where you take life and limb in hand, but we never once saw an accident.
3) Amazing adaptation on our part to hot chillies. We did very well adjusting to it and we learned quickly that banana helps cool the heat of the spice
4) Paparazzi in India… WE were the focus of so many in public places who wanted to take selfies with us, not knowing our names or anything about us.
5) The amazing coexistence between religious groups, pressed up next to each other in small space. The call to prayer overlaying church bells at certain times of the day brought everyone into awareness of the divine.

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We hope to send another notice out when we get over jet lag. In the meantime enjoy some of these pics from our adventure.”

Many blessings,
Nicki and Jolie