Jolie’s Trip to India Presentation!

A big thank you to Jolie for sharing her experiences of leading retreats in India this past Summer with us after Mass this morning! It was a very informative and eye opening presentation! What a gift to our community.



Wine Tasting Raffle Clue #3

St Ann Wine Tasting Raffle Clue #3: A layer of concrete.


Be the first to guess what the barrel will become and win a free ticket to the St. Ann Wine Tasting & Auction at St. John Cathedral on September 28th!  Send guesses to, or comment on the St Ann Wine Tasting Event Page  on Facebook here.    (scroll down and click on the discussion section of the event page  to comment!)


Upcoming Parish Events & Important Dates: Autumn 2019

* Sunday, September 8th – First Day & Registration for our Youth Ministry Program (in the Rompa Center.)
* Saturday & Sunday, September 7th & 8th – Second Collection to help those in need in the Parish and the neighborhood.
* Sunday, September 15th – Jolie’s presentation about her trip to India to lead retreats.
* Saturday, September 28th – St. Ann Wine Tasting Event!
7-10 PM at St. John’s Cathedral
* Sunday, November 24th – Save the Date! Bishop Daly will be joining us at the 9:00 AM Mass to celebrate First Communion/Confirmation with our young people.


Prayers for St. Ann Parish Secretary – and link to “Take Them a Meal”

Please continue to pray for Erin, our Parish secretary, as she continues chemotherapy treatment. She says her second round this week wasn’t as bad as her first, and she is very appreciative of all of the prayers from the St. Ann Community.

There is a new link for the online “take them a meal” sign up page for Erin and her family, if you would like to volunteer to take Erin a meal while she undergoes treatment for the next couple of months.

Link here: Take Them A Meal…